Tiberium Essence 1.6 Beta Released!

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작성자 야인춘삼 쪽지보내기 아이디로 검색 0건 5,741회 작성일14-02-03 20:02


Change Log:
Description of changes from vannila cnc3 and previous version of Tiberium Essence
In this version is also a lot minor changes and improvements that will be not listed here,
unfortunately I have lost track over time so lets count only those most important.

Most important changes in v1.6


- Added wall gates to all factions, important note - due engine limitations gates require precise placing, please keep that in mind.
- All stealth detectors show aura style radius which tell you how far they can see cloked units
- Added Weinhole monster - in general works as tiberium field but damages vehicles (except harvesters),
  weins can be also harvested by all factions and got 3x greater value than green tiberium, unlike tiberium field weinhole monster can be destroyed
- Presence of Leviathan mothership, Kodiak II and Montauk on map is for now announced by Eva
- Changed Defensive tower to missile tower, can attack both ground and air targets
- Replaced Control Point tech structure with Tacitus Archive tech structure, produces special faction units, also when destroyed this structure leaves
  captureble rubble and if captured by engineer it is restored to Tacitus Archive again.
- Added Tech Repair bay - new tech structure that repair vehicles, also got recontruction drones support power for free 

- Added a lot and lot props into world builder

- Added snowy and ice bridge into world builder

- New skirmish maps - Tiberium infestation, 4 player map, 2v2 style
                    - Arctic Desolation, 4 player map, free for all


- Added Kodiak II Command ship to Air tower production tab, unique superheavy aircraft - support, anti-aircraft and anti-tiberium role.

- Added Firestorm generator - defensive structure, can activate firestorm plasma shield - makes allied units virtually invulnerable while in the same time damages enemy units 

- Call for transport cost 100. Requires Dropship command. Transport aircraft flee of map after unloading its cargo as do in vanilla CnC3. Changed back on request.

- Removed Mobile EMP from warfactory due ballance issues (at least for now).

- Jetpack Trooper - attack damage vs vehicles reduced by 50% and vs aircraft by 25%, reduced armor vs missile type weapons


- Added Montauk Command vehicle to Construction yard production tab, unique superheavy vehicle, support and anti-aircraft role, deploys additional reinforcement

- Added Tunel Network Center to Construction yard support tab - works like substation tech structure in vanilla cnc3, only 3 units at once can enter tunel network due some engine limitations

- Saboteur benefits from Forced Evolution upgrade

- Added Taratula drone to Secret Shirne production tab - in general replaces fanatics as nod suicidal unit, cloked when stand still

- Added Conqueror command walker to Gateway production tab, unique superheavy walker, support role, seeds tiberium, assimilate technology by killing enemy units, heals scrin units 

- Annihilator got new model, changed from tripod to quadropod, got 3 turrets

- Stromrider - tiberium upgrade replaced by plasma missile upgrade that improves his anti-air attack power and is available on Nerve center

- Leviathan mothership - removed seed tiberium ability, enabled anti-air attack and blink pack

- Contaminators spawned by Corrupter and Leviathan weapons can see in small radius from now

변경사항인데, 영어는 잘몰라서..



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