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General, we have some intelligence from you from our African theater of operations. Look closely:

THE GLA have proven to be back and are stronger than ever. Be diligent. 

Here's what you may see on the field:

The infamous Scud Storm is still the preferred mean to rain death and destruction upon the enemies of the GLA. Despite the low maintenance and it's ease of assembly, it is not provisional like the rest of the GLA buildings due to how it is heavily fortified and it's Scud prep redundancies. Defend it well, General.

The new Scorpion is based on a heavily modified Centurion tank and it has proven to be superior to its predecessor in every way. A wolf pack of these tanks are a sight to behold.

This concludes your briefing, General. Your troops are expecting you.  




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지금봐도 그래픽이 괜찮아 보이는 제네럴은 참... 여러 의미에서 정말 걸물은 걸물입니다.

2편도 1편 만큼의 무한 가능성을 펼쳐보이길 기원합니다.


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센추리온이라면 이스라엘꺼 노획한건가여 아니면 요단강 건너 요단의 센추리온인 타리크를 가져온건가요?


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